Masjid Mu'adh ibn Jabal

Goodwood Islamic Centre

Masjid Mu'adh Ibn Jabal [Goodwood Islamic Centre] based in Leicester serving the local Muslim community in the Evington & Goodwood areas. Registered Charity No : 1130884

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November 2019


Parking Note

When arriving for Salaah please respect the local parking restrictions and consider the safety and convenience of other road users.

Please park courteously, avoid obstructing neighbourhood driveways and causing any inconvenience to other road users.

Before you park check that buses, pedestrians with disabilities, parents with young children in prams and pushchairs, the driver parked in front and behind your vehicle can pass safely. Basic common sense prevails.

As a Muslim your outward character and routine everyday actions are fundamental to the teachings of Islam and the impeccable character of our Prophet Muhummad (Peace and blessing be upon him) that we must strive to follow.

Please donate generously towards the constructions of the new Masjid. 

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